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The Story Behind Happiness day

In 1980 the Order of Mother Theresa rescued a small abandoned boy from the streets of  Calcutta. Jayme Illien, as the boy was named, was later adopted in the US and had a good life. When he grew up, Jayme became advisor to the UN, where he presented them with the idea of proclaiming an annual Day of Happiness and pass a resolution, that recognizes the right to pursue happiness as a fundamental human goal.

In this way The International Day of Happiness Resolution 66/281 was passed by the UN on June 28th. 2012, and March 20th. proclaimed International Day of Happiness.

In connection with celebrating Happiness Day, Denmark has been voted the world’s happiest country 3 times since 2012 in the UN World Happiness Report… which obligates us!

Who are we?

The International Happiness Day Association

Our objective

Inspired by the actions of the UN, the idea is to celebrate and promote awareness of the UN International Day of Happiness March 20th. – an annually recurring event. This year will be celebrated on March 18th in the middle of Copenhagen on Højbro Plads.

For this purpose, an association has been formed, which has formulated some specific goals:

  • to establish a multi-language website, that engages and involves visitors in celebrating the event,
  • to facilitate cooperation between passionate volunteers, businesses, institutions, media outlets and other stakeholders for the benefit of the project,
  • to plan and execute a concrete celebration in Copenhagen in 2023, which focuses on the UN’s anniversary, makes the association visual, creates maximum positive coverage and traffic to the website and provides a solid foundation for further developing the concept in the coming years.


The association wished to draw attention to the source of the Danish happiness and share it with the rest of the world under the motto: ”Happiness is best, when it is shared”. Thus, the association has ambitions to contribute to the celebration of Happiness Day as an annually recurring event, thereby spreading its message – in Denmark as well as abroad.  


The International Day Of Happiness Association was founded on November 2nd. 2017. A working group has been formed to facilitate the celebration of International Happiness Day since 2018 in Copenhagen.

Together with the association, the following partners are working with the City of Copenhagen to host the event and lay the foundation for the ultimate celebration of the day:

Nordea Fonden

Velux Fonden

ABC Mental Sundhed


Presented by Copenhagen Fashion Week for Happiness Day 2018

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